What is Doc Raffy?

My name is not Raffy and I’m not even a doctor. ‘Doc Raffy’ is my photo signature, a short term for ‘Doctora’s Photography’.


Doctora is my surname and my first name is Ronnel. I have lot of nicknames but most of the people I know used to call me ‘Doc’.

IMG_6868 (2)
Mirror shot in the quarter taken on the Regional Higher Education Press Conference at Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel, Lucban, Quezon, January 2017.

My talent in photography started not really as ‘photographer’ but a ‘photojournalist’, and that was when I accidentally became one of the photographers in the ‘The Laser’s (a university’s publication office to where I’ve been affiliated as an artist) documentation for the school’s accreditation program. I know the word ‘photography’ and ‘photojournalism’ because I’ve been a journalist, a cartoonist specifically, since grade school but I really have no care to those words before. I just used my phone camera during events, hold up my phone, turn on the camera, take shots to what’s happening, and that is it. But that 3-day accreditation program was my first time to enter the world of photojournalism and my first time to use DSLR. That gadget was really a strange thing but I tried to do some auto and manual practice before the program because I had to.

That 3-day DSLR experience was kinda tiring but was really cool. And then I realized that photojournalism is really fun. I continued photojournalism when I took some substitutes for the coverage of the campus’ events. Because of those photojournalism experiences, The Laser Editorial Board once placed me as an observer (irregular) photojournalist in the Regional Higher Education Press Conference (the proof is the photo above).

My entire photojournalism experiences made me fancy photography at the same time. I like photography much for the reason that it has something in common with my artistic talent, and it is the combination of colors, subjects, lines and the appreciation of its totality. So it is easy for me to know the right shot for a subject or for a theme.

Using photography, I can beautify not only my life but also everything around my life.